Joy and Joe Blackberry Ripple Tester




I was sent this Blackberry Ripple from Joy and Joe, a small business based in England who prides themselves on their products being handmade and packaged within the UK.

The Blackberry Ripple was brand new straight out the bag, it was made from 100% organic cotton as was very soft to touch.  The wrap I received was a size 3 which is a size small for Joy and Joe, 32 inches wide with a german style broken twill and according to their website has a density of 396mg2.

I have been advised by the co-founder of Joy and Joe, Adebsis, that the Blackberry Ripple took the weavers 12 months to complete the weaving, it was machine woven using a dobby loom with a special mechanism to stimulate that of a hand woven girasol.

The blackberry ripple is a vibrant wrap and with the stripes make it easy to see your top and bottom rail, the middle markers consist of the joy and joe logo along with a marker showing the size, at one end of the wrap there is also a marker detailing the make up of the wrap with washing instructions, this marker details a 60 degree wash.

I was surprised how soft the wrap felt straight from new, it has a good stretch making the wrap very mouldable to you and your baby. At first I compared it to a Little Frog Sandy agate but I find it much softer than this, most likely down to the special mechanism whilst weaving.  My wrapee wasn’t willing at first as she was teething, but once up I found it easy to use starting off with a ruck then a reinforced ruck and finally a RRRR (see Rucking Marvellous for tutorials).  The wrap felt good on my shoulders, I didn’t feel there was a lot of pull and unlike some wraps it was easy to finish my double knot first time.  We also used it as blanket to snug in at nap time and to make the dinner later that day.  With multi pass carries the wrap works well on chillier days, whilst being lightweight has a slight thickness about it, I also liked how the wrap was wider than the norm, this made making my seat much easier and making a good deep seat which is very important to myself as I find my LO sleeps better with a deeper seat and that she is supported in our carry.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having the Blackberry Ripple here with us, it was soft and mouldable, I was able to do my favourite carries with ease and I have no doubt this wrap will continue to get softer with use – no worries about needing it “broken in”.  I am glad I got the opportunity to try the Blackberry Ripple, the photos do not do this wrap justice.



Lir Slings – Gothic Hearts Tester

I was over the moon when Donna from Lir Slings  offered to send me the Gothic Hearts tester. I was not to be disappointed! The intricate design of the gothic hearts was something I hadn’t seen before in other wovens, it made stand apart from other designs on the market.

When I received the wrap it was beautifully soft from the packet, from what I understand it was used briefly by Donna and was then put through its paces by another tester – Rosie from Sheffield Sling Surgery – no requirement to break in, which is great for finishing off your carries with your new wrap.  This wrap has a good stretch which I liked and is 70cm in width which allowed us to get a good deep seat (which is always a bonus).

We started off with a ruck to go around the shops, I have narrow shoulders and ruck’s are not my go to carry but this wrap made me change my mind, I found it very supportive with no sagging, there was no pull on my shoulders which made the 40 minute shopping trip a pleasure.  My little one is 14 months and around 26lbs and I didn’t feel her weight as you do with some wraps, very toddler worthy in my opinion as well as squish suitable with its straight from the box softness.  When we got home we moved onto a shepherds carry to make the dinner, I felt the wrap had a good amount of grip and found the wrap very supportive with the extra passes, with the right amount of cush to support my little ones weight on my shoulder.

Feedback from my local sling social – Slinging Around has been positive too, mums are finding the design attractive to the eye and the wrap has been tried out with older toddlers too and parents being surprised at how weightless their children feel.

overall it is a positive review from me and the parents from Slinging Around and we will be recommending Gothic Hearts and Lir Slings to other parents.  Thank you again Donna for this opportunity.